The First Systematic Integration
of Tarot and Astrology: Etteilla�s
Correspondences and Divinatory Method

Who first integrated Tarot and astrology?  How did he or she apply this integration to divination?  How might Tarotists apply it to real-life readings today?

This article seeks to answer these and related questions.  It documents the first known systematic merging of Tarot and astrology and its application to divination.  Introduced by French occultist Etteilla in 1785, this integration includes the first known astrology-based Tarot spread and set of correspondences between Tarot and astrology. 

The remainder of the article is organized in two principal sections.  The first, titled Historical Background, documents Etteilla�s merging of Tarot and astrology.  It also briefly discusses a selection of his other accomplishments and assessment of him by his peers, especially Waite.  The second section, titled Etteilla�s Astrological Method, summarizes the application of his integration to divination and includes guidelines for the practicing Tarotist.

This article originally appeared in a slightly different format in the former Tarot Journal (2, 1) (Spring 2002).  The authors thank Judith Lethbridge, its former editor-in-chief, for helping to make this article�s original publication and re-publication here possible.

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