Great Tarotists of Yesteryear:
By James W. Revak


La Pape from the Papus-Goulinat TarotA Brief Explanation of Le Pape From the Papus-Goulinat Tarot

Le Pape, which appears in large letters directly below the drawn figures, is the title of the card and translates as The Pope.

The pentagram (five-pointed star) at the top of the card symbolizes, among other things, the number five, which is traditionally assigned to this Trump.

On the left side (top to bottom) are alphabetic correspondences from Français [French, i.e., the Roman alphabet], Hébreu [Hebrew], Sanscrit, what is described as Égyptien [Egyptian], and Archéomètre Saint-Yves.  The last named item references the alphabet of an alleged primitive language developed by French occultist Saint-Yves d’Alveydre.

On the right side appear the glyph and name of the the zodiacal sign Le Bélier [Aires] and the date, 20 Mars [March 20], when the Sun enters the sign.

At the bottom appear expressions referencing occultist and spiritual matters: Le Magnétisme Universel [Universal Magnetism], La Quinte-Essence [the Fifth Essence, i.e., Spirit?], and La Réligion [Religion].


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