The First Systematic Integration
of Tarot and Astrology: Etteilla’s
Correspondences and Divinatory Method


ARIES.  Grand Etteilla:b Idéal/Ideal.  Corresponds to:c The Hierophant.  Dignified planets:d Mars, Sun.  Debilitated planets:e Venus, Saturn.  Fire element, Sun sign from March 21-April 21.  Energy, courage, initiative, idealism.

TAURUS.  Grand Etteilla: Éclaircissement/Enlightenment.  Corresponds to: The Sun.  Dignified planets: Venus, Moon.  Debilitated planet: Mars.  Earth element, Sun sign from April 22-May 22.   Stability, dedication, material accumulation, fertility.

GEMINI.  Grand Etteilla: Discussion/Discussion.  Corresponds to: The Moon.  Dignified planets: Mercury, North and South Nodes.  Debilitated planet: Jupiter.  Air element, Sun sign from May 23-June 21.  Communication, short journeys, siblings, skill in speaking and with hands.

CANCER.  Grand Etteilla: Révélation/Revelation. Corresponds to: The Star.  Dignified planets: Moon, Jupiter.  Debilitated planets: Saturn, Mars.  Water element, Sun sign from June 22-July 21.  Family, blood ties, domestic life, origins, emotions and dreams.

LEO.  Grand Etteilla: Voyage/Travel.  Corresponds to: The World.  Dignified planet: Sun. Debilitated planets: Saturn, Mercury.  Fire element, Sun sign from July 22-August 21.  Love, children, creative expression, speculation.

VIRGO.  Grand Etteilla: Secrets/Secrets.  Corresponds to: The Empress.  Dignified planets: Mercury, North and South Nodes. Debilitated planets: Jupiter, Venus.  Earth element, Sun sign from August 22-September 21.  Analysis, hygiene, health, work vocation, service.

LIBRA.  Grand Etteilla: Appui/Support.  Corresponds to: The Emperor.  Dignified planets: Venus, Saturn.  Debilitated planets: Mars, Sun.  Air element, Sun sign from September 22-October 21. Relationships, partnerships, balance, legal matters.

SCORPIO.  Grand Etteilla: Ténacité/Tenacity. Corresponds to: The High Priestess.  Dignified planet: Mars.  Debilitated planet: Venus.  Water element, Sun sign from October 22-November 21.  Shared resources, transitions, birth, death, inheritance.

SAGITTARIUS.  Grand Etteilla: Justice/Justice. Corresponds to: Justice.  Dignified planet: Jupiter. Debilitated planet: Mercury.  Fire element, Sun sign from November 22-December 21st.  Philosophy, religion, languages, higher learning, sports, long-term decisions.

CAPRICORN.  Grand Etteilla: Tempérance/Temperance.  Corresponds to: Temperance.  Earth element, Sun sign from December 22-January 19th.  Dignified planets: Saturn, Mars.  Debilitated planets: Jupiter, Moon.  Organization, administration, building, hierarchies, government.

AQUARIUS.  Grand Etteilla: Force/Strength.  Corresponds to: Strength.  Dignified planets: Saturn, Mercury.  Debilitated planet: Sun.  Air element, Sun sign from January 20- February 20.  Social groups and trends, science, collective social and political development.

PISCES.  Grand Etteilla: Prudence/Prudence. Corresponds to: The Hanged Man.  Dignified planets: Jupiter, Venus.  Debilitated planet: Mercury.  Water element, Sun sign from February 20-March 20.  Compassion, unity, art and theater, unconscious mind, divine love.


aThe Trump-Zodiac correspondences are from Etteilla; other astrological data reflect modern commonly accepted astrological conventions.

bModern bilingual edition (French and English) published by Grimaud (France Cartes).  Some keywords differ from Etteilla’s original deck.

cMultiple systems of correspondences between Etteilla’s Trumps and those of other typical Tarot decks have been suggested (e.g., Decker, Depaulis, & Dummett, and Papus, Le Tarot divinatoire).  The system employed here, however, is specifically from Etteilla.

dDignfied planet: the planets that (1) rule and (2) exalt in the sign.  The planet(s) are favorably placed and operate in their best manner, true to the given description.

eDebilitated planet: the planets that are in fall or detriment in the sign.  The planet(s) do not function properly and must struggle to operate effectively.  The typical energies are muted and occasionally will manifest in a negative manner.

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