A Beginnerís Guide
to Learning Tarot
By James W. Revak

Computerized Readings


The following Websites offer computerized readings.  Unless specifically noted, they are are free, do not require registration, and offer: multiple decks (including a RWS deck), multiple spreads (including the Celtic Cross), and interpretive text.

Instant Tarot Readings by AeonGlobe provides six decks, including the Thoth Tarot and Cosmic Tribe Tarot, and two spreads.  It does not offer the Celtic Cross.

Tarot by Facade offers nine decks, including the William Blake Tarot and New Palladini Tarot, and eleven spreads.

Tarot by Matrix Software offers six decks, including the Sacred Rose Tarot and Motherpeace Tarot, and twelve spreads.

Tarot.com by Visionary Networks provides fifty-three decks, including a Tarot of Marseilles, The Thoth Tarot, The Gendron Tarot, The Medieval Scapini Tarot, and The Morgan-Greer Tarot, and twenty-five spreads.  Some offerings require registration and/or payment.

Web Tarot by Llewellyn offers nine decks, including the Sacred Circle Tarot and Celtic Dragon Tarot, and seven spreads.  It does not offer a RWS deck.

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