A Beginnerís Guide
to Learning Tarot
By James W. Revak



Today many Tarotists enjoy easy access to computerized Tarot readings thanks to software for desktop computers and the Web.  Some new students may find they are helpful; however, before you use them, you may wish to educate yourself to their advantages and disadvantages (see below).  Also, consider asking others who have experience with computerized readings for their opinions.

Advantages.  Programs typically allow new students to begin to read cards quickly in an interactive manner.  Often they offer the opportunity of using and learning about a variety of spreads and decks.  Upon dealing the cards, they usually suggest brief divinatory meanings for each one.  Some offer the convenience of storing your readings, printing them, recording your comments, and more.  If you prefer to learn by using computers (rather than, say, books or human teachers), or desire quick access to divinatory meanings and multiple decks and spreads, you may find some Tarot programs helpful. 

Disadvantages.  Computerized readings have significant drawbacks.  Unlike human Tarotists, today’s computers cannot think, feel, intuit, or converse; and these qualities are essential to reading cards effectively.  Like typical introductory books, programs usually suggest divinatory meanings which are generic, rarely, if ever, addressing the specifics of the question or concern at hand, or relating a given card to another one in a spread.  New students who want to learn to read cards will eventually need to practice how to think, feel, intuit, and talk about them on their own.  Finally, someone who claims that software can replace a competent human card reader or instantly make you a competent card reader, is overstating what can be delivered.

If you feel that computerized readings are right for you, you may wish to consider the following software for desktop computers or Websites.

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