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Four of Wands from the Universal Waite Tarot Welcome to Villa Revak, a site dedicated to Tarot.  I hope that you will enjoy your stay.

One of the popular, newly expanded “rooms” at Villa Revak is A Beginners’s Guide to Tarot, (formerly Selected Resources for New Students of Tarot), which now includes a much expanded discussion of decks (with plenty of new images) and a glossary.  It’s your key to learning Tarot.

Your Gateway to Reviewed Books

If Tarot books is your interest, browse The Bookworm’s Guide to Tarot, which is your gateway to over one hundred Tarot books.  The guide rates and briefly reviews each title.  It also specifies for which experience level (beginning, intermediate, advanced) each title is most suited.  Finding books is a pleasure thanks to an easy-to-use interface; users may browse in multiple ways (e.g., by author, quality rating and experience level, and subject).  Finding the book which is right for you is easier than ever.

Be The First to Know About Changes

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Something for All Kinds of Tarotists

Villa Revak offers a variety of additional resources and articles for students of Tarot at all levels.  If you’re new to Tarot history, I invite you to explore the aforementioned Selected Resorces for New Students of Tarot.  I also invite you to read The TarotL History Information Sheet to discover what Tarot historians are saying about the cards based on the best up-to-date evidence.

If you want to learn about traditional divinatory meanings commonly assigned to the cards, delve into Tarot Divination: Three Parallel Traditions, which includes excerpts from works by three Tarotists of historic importance: Papus, S. L. MacGregor Mathers, and A. E. Waite.

If you are an advanced student and have an interest in the history of Tarot, I encourage you to turn to The Influence of Etteilla and His School on Mathers & WaiteThis research report details the impact which the eighteenth-century French occultist, Etteilla, and his disciples had on later Tarotists, especially with regard to divinatory meanings espoused by Mathers and Waite.

Remember to Laugh!

Remember to relax and have fun too.  Visit Tarot Foolery, which takes an entertaining and irreverant look at the cards.  Be sure to get your free humorous tarot reading, to enjoy a complete spoof on the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, titled The Pictorial Key to the King of Cups in Tatters, and much more.


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Illustration (above): Four of Wands from The Universal Waite Tarot, adapted from the work of A. E. Waite & Pamela Colman Smith (copyright © 1990 U.S. Games Systems).  Click the image for a larger one.

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