Tarot History 101:
An Interactive Quiz
By James W. Revak

Correct!  The answer is D (“none of the above”).  Little evidence exists to support the notion that the inventors of Tarot created the cards, including the Trumps, with specific, systematic correspondences in mind.  Instead, evidence indicates that systematic correspondences between Tarot and the zodiac, “planets”, elements, Hebrew alphabet, etc. were first applied by occultists in the late 18th century, long after the invention of the Tarot.  The first deck clearly to include such correspondences was Etteilla’s Tarot, which did not appear until c. 1788 (see illustration).  Click the image to see important details and read an explanation of correspondences.

Illustration: Eclaircissement [Enlightenment], which is equivalent to the Sun, from Etteilla’s Tarot (adapted from Grand Etteilla: Ou Tarots Egyptiens, based on Etteilla’s original deck of c. 1788, published by Grimaud).  Click the image for a larger one and explanation.

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