Tarot History 101:
An Interactive Quiz
By James W. Revak

Incorrect—and for two reasons.  First, many decks, especially occultist ones, indeed assign the Fool to zero (e.g, below, left).  However, many traditional decks, do not (right).  Instead, they typically assign the Fool neither to zero nor any number.

Second, occultists indeed often class the Fool as a Trump.  However, a significant group of individuals typically does not.  Specifically, in the traditional game of Tarot, players have typically not considered the Fool a Trump.

The Fool from The Robin Wood Tarot The Fool from the 1JJ Tarot

Illustrations: (left) The Fool from The Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood (copyright © 1991 Wood); and (right) Le Mat (The Fool) from the 1JJ Tarot (contemporary deck based on a 19th-century design, published by AG Müller).  Click on the images for larger ones.

Let me try to answer this again. I want the correct answer now!

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