Tarot History 101:
An Interactive Quiz
By James W. Revak

Incorrect.  Although the Trumps of many decks, especially relatively modern ones, include one named the High Priestess (e.g., below, left), it is often named otherwise.  For example, in many decks, especially traditional ones, it is named the Papess (or Popess) (e.g, below, right) and depicts a figure which is often described as a female Pope. 

The High Priestess from The Rider Tarot The Papess from the Tarot de Marseille by Conver

Illustrations (left to right): The High Priestess from The Rider Tarot (copyright © 1971 U.S. Games Systems), and La Papesse [The Papess] from Tarot de Marseille by Nicolas Conver (1761) (re-published by Héron).  Click on the images for larger ones.

Let me try to answer this again. I want the correct answer now!

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