Tarot History 101:
An Interactive Quiz
By James W. Revak

Incorrect.  The Rider Tarot indeed often departs from the Golden Dawn’s guidelines for designing a Tarot deck.  For example, compare the Fool from the Rider Tarot (below, left) and that of The Golden Dawn Tarot by Robert Wang (right).  Other departures include the use of Pages instead of Princesses.

I am quick to add, however, that Waite, the designer of the The Rider Tarot, was a member of the Golden Dawn and this deck does show some Golden Dawn influence.  (The Golden Dawn was a group of influential occultists active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.) 

The Fool from The Rider Tarot  The Fool from The Golden Dawn Tarot

Illustrations (left to right): The Fool from The Rider Tarot Deck (copyright © 1971 U.S. Games Systems); and The Fool from The Golden Dawn Tarot Deck by Robert Wang (copyright © 1978 U.S. Games Systems).  Click the images for larger ones.

Let me try to answer this again. I want the correct answer now!

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