Tarot Foolery
By James W. Revak


TAROTarotists of the World, unite!  Demand Tarot stamps from your postal service now!

If the U.S. Postal Service can put Cabbage Patch Dolls, VCRs, and Edward G. Robinson’s ugly mug on stamps – not to mention naked babies on a special issue celebrating New Year – time is ripe for Tarot stamps.

Here are just a few exciting, attractive, and creative possibilities, which we urge you to demand from your postal service.  To make this article both fun and educational, the author invites you to identify from which Tarot deck and card each stamp was adapted.  To find the answer, click on the words Illustration credit.

ExpressWhen you have to get it there fast you need a Knight with plenty of getup and go.  This one won’t let you down when you use Express mail.
Illustration credit.

Air Mail
And when you ship a letter or deck of cards over a long distance you’ll want to send it Air Mail with this attractive issue.
Illustration credit.


Chinese New YearTurning to holidays, celebrate Chinese New Year in fine style with this festive stamp.
Illustration credit.


HalloweenOr, mark Halloween (ok, ok Samhain too) with this colorful issue.  Teen Exorcism Kits sold separately.
Illustration credit.


If your postal authority is on the conservative side, suggest this krypto-Cabalistic design for Arbor Day.
Illustration credit.


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