The First Systematic Integration
of Tarot and Astrology: Etteilla�s
Correspondences and Divinatory Method

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49The six steps are extracted from Etteilla, Mani�re de se r�cr�er . . . tarots.  See also Revak, The Influence of Etteilla.

50The spread described by Etteilla places the zodiac cards in a clockwise order, with the first house card at 9:00; the second house card at 10:00, etc.  To avoid confusion and to remain consistent with other 12-house spreads and horoscope charts familiar to modern Tarotists, the familiar, modern horoscope form has been utilized here.  This form moves in a counter-clockwise direction (1st house at 9:00, 2d house at 8:00, etc.).

51The spread described by Etteilla places six cards in every other house (not including the zodiacal cards) beginning with six in the first house; the remaining houses have five cards each. To the extent that the spread presented in the text places six cards in the first six houses, it is a variation on Etteilla�s method.

52See Etteilla or Halbronn.

53Divinatory meanings for individual cards are in Etteilla.  See also meanings espoused by his students and other occultists (Papus, Le Tarot divinatoire; Mathers, The Tarot, Waite, The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, and Revak, Tarot Divination).

54On Thursday, sent an e-mail notice to me that my books were being shipped.  The books actually arrived six days later, when the Moon was in the axial-opposite 10th house (and thus the timing indicator was, again, in a powerful energy exchange with Venus and Mars in the 4th).

55Although unplanned, I did a product inventory that day.  This is a duty of business management (Saturn), requiring an analytical, mathematical skills (6th house), and centers on a venue of personal creativity (the Sun).

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