The First Systematic Integration
of Tarot and Astrology: Etteilla�s
Correspondences and Divinatory Method

Initially, some practitioners, especially if they lack a background in astrology, may find Etteilla's method complex and demanding.  However, they may expect fluency to come with practice and study.  Ultimately, practitioners may find that his method, although over 200 years old, remains valuable to this day, because it is practical, portable, and, unlike any published astrological spread known to the authors, produces a horoscope.

Although some occultists and popular authors have criticized Etteilla, missing or minimizing his contributions to Tarot, his accomplishments surely exceeded the mere popularization of Tarot thanks, in large part, to his public role as a professional Tarotist.  In light of Etteilla�s relatively sophisticated, precedent-setting integration of astrology, historians may wish to research further his accomplishments; findings may prove historically important and useful to practicing Tarotists.


Elizabeth M. Hazel is a professional Tarotist and astrologer.  Her previously published works include material in The Tarot Journal (vol. 1), the International Tarot Society News, and several Websites.  She is the creator of the Vala Tarot, and some of the artwork for this completed deck can be seen in her Portraits of Pips series featured at Tarot Passages.  You may e-mail her at: [email protected].

James W. Revak is a Tarot historian, educator, and practitioner, who has published original research into Tarot history, translated important French-language Tarot literature, and authored numerous educational and humorous articles on Tarot.  Other research by him into Etteilla includes The Influence of Etteilla and His School on Mathers and Waite.  His work has appeared in International Tarot Soceity News and American Tarot Association Newsletter.  He has spoken at the Los Angeles Tarot Symposium.  For more about Jim, click here.  You may reach him by e-mail. 

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